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Owners have pets for different reasons. Not all owners want a “show dog” look. While some may enjoy the tied up knot and cute bow in the hair, other may simply want a handsome family pet that is clean and well groomed. At Paws in the Bath we assist the owner in that pet care responsibility. There are hundreds of styling options that will be appropriate to the dog based on lifestyle of the dog and the owners wishes. Some owners may prefer their companion in a shorter coat, while others enjoy the “breed standard” look. As certified professionals we will never put the dog at risk of injury or loss of dignity. Always humanity before vanity.

Please ask for pricing.  Every dog is different so grooming cost will depend on your dog’s size, coat condition , and style of haircut. Contact your location for more details.

Doggie Limo Service

Please contact your location for availability and prices.

Package & Descriptions

B+B Bath with standard shampoo, nail trimming, ear cleaning and brush out
Full Service Bath with standard shampoo, nail trimming, ear cleaning, brush out and basic haircut (no breed clips)
Breed Clip Same as full service but with extra scissor and clipper work
De-Shed Treatment Bath with de-shedding shampoo, 10 minute soak in furminator de-shedding solution, nail trim, ear cleaning and additional half hour of brushing
De-shed and Trim Same as de-shed treatment with light trimming

Options and Upgrades

Available with any grooming package

Premium upgrade includes
tooth brushing, upgraded shampoo and conditioner
Upgraded shampoo:
your choice of SOOS Shampoos
enriched with Dead Sea minerals and made with all natural ingredients like essential oils, vitamins and a variety of different plant extracts
Conditioner $5.00
Tooth Brushing $10.00
Plaque Cleansing  $20.00

Stand Alone Services

Available any time, no appointment needed


Nail Trim (includes Nail Grinding) $12.00
Nail Painting $5.00
Pawdicure $15.00
Tooth Brushing $10.00
Plaque Cleansing $20.00


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