Please fill in the form below and submit to our KESWICK location.


Pre-Groom Intake Form for Keswick.

Please understand if you have answered yes to either of the above questions we cannot groom your dog at this time.

For Matted Dogs:
Please note we will NOT be doing intensive de-matting. Our first concern is your dog’s welfare and health. Matted fur can be very uncomfortable and can cause a variety of skin and health problems. We will have to clip short this time and then the fur can grow back and get back to normal. There is a strong chance your dog’s skin will become irritated during the clipping process. Our groomers are very careful but the possibility of injury exists. Understanding these risks, Paws in the Bath Ltd. Is authorized to proceed with the stripping and de-matting process.

Should my dog need veterinarian care after or during the process, I agree to pay any and all veterinarian fees.

By entering your name above, it stands as a legal and binding signature.

Please remember to wear a Face Mask when picking up and dropping off your dog. It will help to protect all of us! THANK YOU!

If preferred, you can download our Pre-Groom Intake Form as a Fillable pdf and email the completed form to us.