Puppy grooming

Introducing Cat Grooming!!

Paws in the Bath is pleased to offer Cat Grooming.

Our experienced pet groomer is pleased to offer:

Baths, brushes and haircuts starting at $70 for cats by appointment only. Please call ahead to ensure a groomer is available.
Your cat will receive a bath, brush, ears cleaned and nails clipped.
Haircuts start at $80 for all above plus, lion styled or preferred haircut.

Nail trims and matt removal available also on a daily basis. $12 for nails $5+ for matt removal. Please call ahead to ensure a groomer is available.

We have dedicated Thursday evenings starting at 5pm for cat only appointments. No dogs to reduce cat stress.

Please be aware that cats are sensitive animals affected by stress and are groomed and handled with their safety in mind. Not all cats can be groomed in a salon environment and these services are referred as needed/recommended.
Soft Claw applications also available. Please inquire.

All quotes are estimates dependent on quality and condition of coat and behavior of cat .


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