Great Summer Products!

Nature Dog Natural Outdoor Spray

Perfect for your outdoor adventure dog! Nature Dog Outdoor Spray is safe to use because it’s All natural and Chemical-free. The pure essential oils of catnip, patchouli, cedarwood, basil and geranium effectively protect from pesky insects and moisturize the skin & coat.

The easy to apply spray bottle is just the right size for all your adventures!

Tested in the Haliburton Forest! Proudly Made in Canada!

SunDog Sunscreen

This eco-friendly UV protection formula is made with almond and coconut oil to soothe and moisturize, and boasts a non-toxic SPF factor of 25 courtesy of red raspberry and carrot seed oil. Plus, it contains no alcohol, zinc oxide or other harmful ingredients – so it’s lickably safe!

  • All Natural
  • SPF 25
  • Lickably Safe
  • Proudly Made in Canada

Stop ticks in their tracks with the NEW Tick Slick Coat Enhancer Spray for Dogs!

This wax based spray creates a barrier on your pets’ fur that is too slick for ticks to stick onto, preventing them from getting onto your pets in the first place.

This easy to applyresidue-free spray is a uniquely designed formula that is also a natural coat conditioner.

After one application of Tick Slick Coat Enhancer your pets are immediately ready to effectively deflect ticks for up to one week!


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