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The Dog Listeners

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About The Dog Listeners

In order to get a permanent change, we have to go to the primary cause of the problem.

After years of working with dogs, various trainers, and as a certified dog therapy trainer himself, Tamir was still challenged with dog behavior problems - so he started to look deeper. Through deepened study he discovered that dogs, as pack animals, have simple but unique foundational needs which are largely misunderstood in today's society. And that every behavior problem is a sign of dissatisfaction - a symptom of needs unmet. Tamir has developed a simple and highly effective formula that empowers dog owners to become leaders of their pack, with almost instant results. Whether your dog is struggling with a 'bad behavior' pattern such as barking, pulling, biting, jumping, etc., has experienced trauma, or developed fears or separation anxiety, this solution will create a lasting change because, unlike traditional dog training, we are addressing the root cause of the problem, and not treating symptoms. It has become our mission to share this knowledge with dog owners around the world - to help them develop a deeper understanding of their dog, build strong, trusting relationships, and deliver lasting results that will improve their dog's well-being.