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Your dog is more than a dog and at Paws in the Bath, we get that. Your dog is your faithful companion, the one who is always happy to see you come home, and if we’re being totally honest, your best friend. Us too.

So when you are looking for a groomer, we want you to know that we are not just an assembly line for dogs, we are a spa for your best friend. We want you to be jealous of how well your dog is treated. As just one example, we are a cage free facility, the couches are as much for the dogs as they are for the people.

Our professional groomers have an average of 4 years of experience and they are the best at not just washing and brushing your dog – standard groomer practice – but examining your dog’s skin, teeth, ears and overall health and then making recommendations about how you can keep your companion as healthy and happy as possible.

Why take your dog to a professional groomer?

We were inspired to create Paws in the Bath out of the total love for our dogs and the complete dislike of bathing them in our homes. Starting from our first store in Aurora, which opened in 2010, we have created the Paws in the Bath grooming method to ensure that every dog gets a great groom every time.

We are passionate about the humane treatment of animals, physically, nutritionally and emotionally. Our environment is not only about fun, but about the safety for the pets and every person who comes into one of our stores.

Our products are safe, natural and healthy, and our goal is to provide only the best for the dogs in our community.

A sad, unhealthy dog that is constantly licking and scratching creates stress in your home and in your heart. When your dog is happy and healthy, your quality of life is so much better and what makes us happiest is when our loyal customers come back time and again because they love seeing their dog be treated like the gift that they are.

Active in your community - Aurora, Bradford, Keswick, Newmarket and The Beaches (Toronto)

Paws in the Bath has 5 locations throughout the GTA, to make sure that there is a location near you. Like you, we care about where we live so we work with our local community  and support them by being a great business partner. We sponsor local sports teams, take on co-op students and are actively involved in fundraising for local causes that capture our hearts.

Fiercely committed to your dog’s health

Not all grooming business are created equal – the grooming business is totally unregulated in Canada and most municipalities don’t even have basic codes to make sure that your dog is treated humanely and kept safe.

That is why we want to get to know you – we want to be your trusted source for grooming. That is why we have strict training protocols for all our groomers and why we hire experienced groomers.

We want every experience you have with us to make your life – and your dog’s life!- better, reducing stress and increasing health and longevity. We believe that a well groomed dog – whether you use our "Doggie Spaw" services or the Do-It-Yourself facilities – is a happier dog and we look forward to welcoming you into our store for your dog’s first groom.

If you have any questions, our customer service is friendly, fast, efficient and knowledgeable-and if we can’t answer your question ourselves, we’ll find you an answer.

Welcome to Paws in the Bath, where your best friend is our favourite client! 


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