Dog Wash Rates

Come and bathe your dog in our specially designed New Breed Dog Baths. Eliminate the stress, mess, and wet dog smell in your home. We supply shampoo, towels, aprons, the use of a high velocity dryer, and any brushes you may need.

Do-it-Yourself Wash

Small - up to 40 pounds


Medium - 40 - 80 pounds


Large - 80+ pounds


Includes: shampoo, use of towels, aprons and use of the high velocity dryer.

Ask about our De-Shedding Conditioner for D-I-Y Washes. Price depends on dog size and coat condition.


Stand Alone Services

Available any time, no appointment needed


Nail Trim (includes Nail Grinding) $15.00
Nail Painting $5.00
Pawdicure $20.00
Tooth Brushing $12.50
Plaque Cleansing $20.00
Ear Cleaning $5.00


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