“Do-It-Yourself” Dog WashNew Breed Dog Baths elevated no lifting

Experience “No Tears, No Fears” Dog Washing

Giving your dog a bath can be fun, safe, comfortable, and a beautiful bonding experience when the right environment is available. Or it can be a nightmare with tears, yelling, huge amounts of stress and traumatic for both you and your dog.

We get it. We have been there before Paws in the Bath. We have been hunched over the edge of our bathtub trying to do a good job while our dog stares at us with sheer misery — or desperately tries to avoid the whole process.  And just let’s forget about getting your dog dry!

That’s why we have added safe and comfortable “Do-It-Yourself” dog bathing to each of our full-service grooming Paws in the Bath salons.

Safety and Comfort for You and Your Pet

You want your dog to be clean and you want the experience of doing it yourself. Great!

(by the way…if you don’t want to do it yourself, our professional bathers and groomers will take care of everything for you with our full-service grooming services).

When you arrive at your nearest Paws in the Bath location you’ll be outfitted with an apron to keep you dry and guided to one of our specially designed bathing tubs. Your dog takes one easy step to get in, no lifting and no difficult stairs to navigate, both you and your dog will be much more comfortable than at home.

The bathtub is elevated for standing height use so it is easier for you – you won’t get back pain or sore knees at our stores!

Professional Groomers are Close By

Unlike some other “Do-It-Yourself” stores, you aren’t really by yourself at Paws in the Bath. Our professional bathers and groomers are close by and ready to help at all times. We’ll show how to work the equipment, recommend products for you, and answer all your questions. We even offer a one-to-one tutorial if you want to learn how to give a great bath and how to dry your dog properly.

Please book an appointment to take advantage of our D-I-Y  Service.

You will feel a lot more comfortable knowing that while you are doing it by yourself, you are not really by yourself, and that help is right there if you need it.

Professional Grooming Products

As a professional grooming salon, we have a huge range of shampoos and conditioners and we’ll help you choose the one that is best for your dog’s skin.

After the bath, you’ll have access to lots of towels, our high velocity dryers (so important to get that coat dry!) combs, brushes and our professional grooming tables.

Of course, any of the products that you fall in love with are available for purchase and our staff will help you get exactly what you need to maintain your dog’s coat at home.

No Hassle Clean-Up

Best of all we’ll handle the clean-up for you!

No more mopping up the puddles or chasing your dog around the house with a towel. Definitely not! You have just graduated to professional spa care.

Imagine a simple, safe, enjoyable bath for your best friend that’s also fun for you.

That’s what we deliver at our Paws in the Bath salons in Aurora, Bradford, Keswick, Newmarket and The Beaches-Toronto.


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